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Prepare Your Home For Viewings

Remove the pet hair in the living room before viewings

Remove the pet hair in the living room before viewings

It’s one thing to put your home on the market at an attractive price and get potential buyers through the door but quite another to persuade them to make an offer. If your home isn’t appealing then it just won’t sell, it’s as simple as that. Not only will preparing your home carefully be more likely to result in a sale, but it may actually even add value to your property.

The first, and most obvious, step to take is to de-clutter. Nobody wants to buy a home that they can’t even see properly because of junk on every surface. Look on it as a great opportunity to prepare for your move and get rid of anything that you no longer need. Recycle or take unwanted items to the tip, put anything that you have no obvious room but still need in storage, or give it to a friend for safekeeping and make sure that every room is tidy and presentable. Maximise the living space that viewers can see so that they can imagine what they would do with the space and how they might enjoy living there. That said, don’t let your house become sterile and hotel-like. Viewers want to see that your house can be a home and that means that your knick-knacks and photos can stay in place.

Consider redecorating your home. A quick lick of paint, updating wallpaper or sprucing up the garden will give your house a new lease of life and make it more appealing. Choosing neutral colours may be a good choice as lime green, vibrant purple or hot pink walls may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Also, light neutral shades will open up your living spaces and give the illusion of light. Adding mirrors to living spaces is a good way to make a room look brighter and bigger. Pretty touches such as new curtains, attractive cushions and bright flowers add appeal to your home.

Repairing any faults or damage may seem a small thing, but buyers may be put off by cracked tiles, damaged walls or worn carpets. Although it may not seem worth your while to spend more money on a property that you are hoping to get rid of, investing in these things now may generate a quicker sale and may even get you a better price.

Fitting a new kitchen before house viewingsIf your kitchen or bathroom are particularly old and out of date, you may want to think about renovation. Kitchens especially add value to your property so investing in a modern and stylish kitchen with new appliances and white goods may be worth your while. In order to cut costs but still improve appearances, consider resurfacing kitchen cupboards and upgrading counter tops.

It sounds obvious, but make sure your home is clean and tidy. Nobody wants to buy a house that looks dirty. Make sure surfaces are clutter free and sparkling, clean the windows, hoover and clean carpets, clean grouting and wax wooden floors. If you have a garden, make sure that bushes and grass are trimmed, the patio isn’t covered in weeds and garden furniture is clean.

On the day viewers are due to come to your home, there are several tips and tricks that you can use to make your property more attractive. Switching on lamps in any dark spaces and lighting a fire on a dull or chilly day will give the impression of a homely feel as well as making your home seem inviting. It is vital to make sure that your home smells good, there is nothing that puts off a buyer more than a bad odour. Identify the source of bad smells and rectify the problem rather than covering up – if a drain is blocked or bins need emptying, deal with it. Open windows to get rid of stale odours and cigarette smells. Tricks such as fresh baking and freshly brewed coffee makes your home more alluring to potential buyers.