Valuing the Property


It can be difficult to decide on an asking price for your home so get three or four valuations and choose carefully. Also do your own research into the general asking prices of similar properties in your local area. Remember that the highest may not necessarily be the best but add between 5 and 10% to your asking price in order to accommodate any discount negotiated by the buyer and keep stamp duty thresholds in mind when choosing your asking price. The speed at which you need to sell your home will affect your asking price.

Determining the value of a property

What Is Included?

Think carefully about what you are prepared to include in the purchase price of your property. It is common for a buyer to ask for white goods to be included, or curtains, blinds and light shades. Decide whether or not you are prepared to include these items. Often it is worth including these types of items as part of your sale in order to attract buyers, especially if you are purchasing a property that already includes similar items. Be clear with potential buyers too about what is included – make sure that they are aware of anything that is not included in order to prevent misunderstandings arising at a later date – if you are determined to take your carpets and curtains with you, make sure viewers are made aware of this.